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Top 7 Best WordPress Migration Plugins To Help You Move Your Website

Top 7 Best WordPress Migration Plugins To Help You Move Your Website:

Viewing for a WordPress plugin that can help you move your website? See this list of the best migration plugins for 2019-2020?


best free wordpress migration plugin, copy wordpress plugin from one site to another, best wordpress migration plugin 2019 - 2020, godaddy wordpress migration plugin, wordpress duplicator, migrate guru,duplicator – wordpress migration plugin
WordPress Migration Plugins Help You To Move Your Website

Migration to your site can often prove to be a massive problem. There are a lot of things that need to be moved and even for some small sites, doing it manually is quite challenging. Setting up a website using WordPress is very simple, it can take a lot of effort to move one. Although WordPress has an inbuilt export/import tool, it does not help you move everything. Luckily for everyone, there are top best WordPress migration plugins to help you. Just use the right plugin, your site will automatically grow, saving you a lot of time. That’s why we at WP99themes have brought this list of the best WordPress Migrate Plugins themes available to you.

Although there are many options out there, some are more effective than others. In this article, we have listed the best WordPress migration plugins you can find. This list consists of Free Plugins sites accessible on the WordPress website as well as some premium ones. Simply go through the list and determine which WordPress migration plugin is the right option for you.

Best WordPress Migration Plugins [Free + Premium]

1.) WP Migrate DB (Free)

Key Features:

• Well-Coded
• Migrates The Entire Database
• Plugin Compatibility Mode
• Handles Serial Data
• Back-Up The Database as a SQL File
• Search and Change URL & File Paths

WP Migrate DB runs very differently than other WordPress migration plugins. It is geared towards advanced users and needs more specialized knowledge to use. Applying this plugin, you will be able to create a MySQL data dump from your database that you can keep as a SQL file. Unlike the built-in XML export/import point in WordPress, it can be used to move your entire database. The SQL file can be uploaded via database management tools such as phpMyAdmin.
That plugin also allows for searching/changing the operation of URL and file paths. In addition, it is also designed to handle serialized data. Although it does not transfer files, it is a useful plugin that does its job effectively despite the lack of bells and whistles of its rivals. Developers, in particular, will be able to appreciate this well-coded and helpful plugin.

2.) Duplicator (Free)


Key Features:

• Zero Downtime
• Migrate Website Anywhere
• Intuitive to Use
• Create Pre-Configured Sites
• WordPress Installation Is Not Required
• Backup Your Site Easily.

Duplicator is another great WordPress plugin designed to help site owners move their website without any problems. The best thing about it is that it will help you do it with absolutely zero downtime. Duplicator packs your site content as well as plugins, themes, databases and WordPress files into a single ZIP file. By using this package, you will be able to move your website completely. Due to the fact that the package contains all the files, you do not even need to prepare a WordPress installation in your new site.
Not only can you use a duplicator to transfer content to another site, but it also allows you to make backups of your site. You can also use plugins to create pre-configured websites. You will be able to reuse or distribute your site easily. This does not take a lot of time to do and can save you a ton of effort in the future. It is easy to use for all, even those who are beginners to WordPress.

3.) All-In-One WP Migration (Free)

Key Features:

• User-Friendly
• Mobile Friendly
• Windows, macOS, and Linux Compatible
• Unlimited Find and Change Operations
• Bypasses Upload Restrictions
• Fixes Sequential Problems Automatically.

All-in-One WP Migration is a great plugin that will permit you to move your site easily. You don’t have to disorder with the code because it is designed to be highly intuitive to create. When you consign your site, you give authority to use the operations on your site and take the operations of your site to your heart’s content. In addition, any problems in numbering will also be corrected during the search and replacement process.
In addition, the plugin has also been made compatible with mobile devices. On top of that, it has been tested to be compatible with Windows, macOS and even major Linux distributions. Since it works by transferring data in small segments, you should not worry about upload restrictions when migrating to your site. All in all, it is a powerful and well-designed plugin that has a lot to offer.

4.) Migrate Guru (Free)

Key Features:

• One-Click Migration
• No Storage Space Required
• User-Friendly
• Compatible With All Hosting Services
• Timely Warning
• Automatically Search and Replace Feature

Here, you need a WordPress site migration plugin that is super light to use then you should check-out the Migrate Guru site. You do not have to feel complex with settings. Besides just one click, you will be able to move your site. To make things even better, a plugin is built specifically to handle large sites. You don’t have to bother with add-ons or extensions. It will handle everything without any issue for you.
Migrate Guru works through its own server so that you do not have to worry about storage space. The plugin is also quite fast. It can transfer 1 GB worth of data within 30 minutes. It is also designed to be compatible with any web hosting services out there. Migrate Guru even comes with a search and replace feature that is highly accurate on top of being fully programmed.

5.) WP SuperBackup (Premium)

Key Features:

• User-Friendly
• Multisite Ready
• Easy Site Backup, Migration and Restore
• One-Click Restore
• Quality Support
• Cloud Integration

Here, you are seeing for something with a lot of more features than previous options then after you should consider a premium plugin like WP SuperBackup. Besides site migration, backup, restore, and more, this plugin is built to handle it all. Once you store a backup of your site, you will be able to easily go wherever you want. WP SuperBackup also comes with extensive cloud integration, allowing you to upload your backups for added security.
As it was designed to be super intuitive to use, even WordPress beginners should have no problem using the plugin. The plugin also comes with multisite support. You can migrate from multisite to multisite, single-site to multisite, or even multisite to single-site. If something was going wrong, you still have a convenient one-click restore feature to fix everything. On top of all that, high-quality support systems, as well as in-depth documentation, will be able to help you with any issue.

Price: $35

6) BackupGuard (Premium)

Key Features:

• Dedicated and Helpful
• Automatic Site Migration
• Scheduled Site Backup
• Restore Site
• Supports Three Migration Types
• Advanced Refactoring and Migration Engine.

BackupGuard is an incredible plugin designed to help users to backup, restore and move their site easily. With its features, the plugin will make it simple for you to move your site without any unnecessary hassle. It has a fully automated migration, so you have to feel with the configuration. The plugin will transfer your files and databases and even come with serial data refactoring. The plugin reflects all URLs, filenames, and image paths.
BackupGuard enables you to perform three different types of migration; Migration from the root directory of a domain to the root directory, from a local install to remote install, or just migration between domains or hosts. It will handle everything for you and takes measures to prevent the commonly prevalent errors in site migration. The plugin also has support to help you if a problem arises.

Price: $25

7) UpdraftPlus (Premium)

Key Features:

• Automatic Backups
• User-Friendly Interface
• Dedicated Support
• Multisite Compatible
• Powerful Search and Replace
• One-Click Clone/Migration

During it comes to WordPress migration plugins, the premium version of UpdraftPlus is the best option. Fast and effective, you don’t have to spend your time with complicated settings and configurations. You will be ready to migrate or clone your site from your dashboard in minutes. This is a special search and the tool will automatically work through your database, making things much simpler. In addition, you can find arbitrary search and replace tasks at all times.
In addition to the migration/cloning feature, there are many other advantages to choosing the update CraftPlus. This enables you to automatically backup your site and restores any changes easily. You do not have to worry about multi-compatibility. Its interface is also designed to be easy to use. If you have any problem using the theme, you can turn to the fast and personal support service.

Price: $42


Hence, this was a list of the best WordPress migration plugins around us. We hope this article was helpful. We have listed both free, as well as premium plugins in this article. Just consider carefully what you need from the plugin and decide what is best for you. Hopefully, you will find what is right for you. Migrating to your WordPress site, with the right plugin.



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