SEO Techniques That Will Work For Your Website in 2020

SEO Techniques That Will Work For Your Website in 2020 –

Are you confused about what SEO should focus on in 2020? Because Google keeps changing trends, techniques, and strategies every year to improve its search services. It is best to ensure that we can keep pace and prepare for imminent changes. Now that 2019 has ended, figuring out which trends will matter in 2020 can help businesses plan their strategies for the year that lies ahead.

SEO Techniques That Will Work For Your Website in 2020

SEO Techniques That Will Work For Your Website in 2020
– With SEO Techniques That Will Work For Your Website in 2020

Here, in this portion, I would like to share the SEO ways that will work for your website in 2020. Unlike other articles, I will not share basic SEO techniques like optimizing your title tag, putting keywords on the page, content is king and you have been listening so far. Obviously content is still king but this does not mean that there is no other SEO technique to drive traffic to your site. If you want the best SEO techniques for 2020, be sure to read this article till the end and follow our blog for more great content.

What exactly is SEO? Why does it create so many rumors?
As you know, SEO is a shortcut from search engine optimization. In other words, it means optimizing your site for search engines. When someone is looking for some information and someone else wants to show the site under that query then SEO is helping to find the search with the site. Remember: SEO is helping contact the searcher and content creator.

“SEO is anything that helps your site achieve high rankings in search engines. It includes traditional stuff (like on-page SEO). But to rank in 2018, you need to use branding, UX (User Experience), Design, content, and writing skills are also needed. ”Said Brian DeLink, Founder Backlinko for

SEO is not just part of the marketing strategy (or the entire marketing strategy). It is also tied to the needs of business development and most importantly match explorers.

1.) Aim for the featured snippet/position zero:

You may have seen this kind of box while searching for some specific words. Content featured in featured snippets is commonly referred to in SEO terms as ‘position 0’. Usually, this condition is used to display answers to find questions or topics in brief form. Nowadays this signifies to get the aspired ‘position 0’ in SERPs because in general terms, generally, these SERPs (search engine result pages) improve brand awareness, increase traffic to your website and can also boost revenue. Are, especially when overall. marketing strategy.

Aim for the Featured Snippet Position Zero
– With the Aim of the Featured Snippet Position Zero

According to a study by Ahrefs, if you’re ranked first for a search term without the number # 1 position, you get 31% more traffic than sites that have the first position without a featured snippet. Until now there is no such proven method for marking your page as a select snippet, but there are some methods that increase the likelihood of drawing your position to zero. Here are some ways you can implement –

-Creating content specifically to answer questions
-What questions are you asking your readers?
-Create high-quality content
-Best to answer
-Put a question and answer page on your site.

2.) Video Optimization / YouTube SEO:

According to researches, nearly 72% of people prefer video over text when learning about a product or service. 41% of website traffic is generated by video. It is also estimated that 75% of website traffic in the year 2020 will be created through video. It sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

Video Optimization / YouTube SEO
– With Video Optimization / YouTube SEO

Video marketing is constantly growing and if you are interested in reaching your potential customers through video, it is very important to focus on how you can use video effectively to attract customers. For this, you can use YouTube (the second most popular search engine after Google) which is a great platform to showcase your products and showcase your brand.

YouTube has billions of searches every month, attempting proper YouTube optimization can help your site rank at the top of search engines. In addition, it can help improve your traffic with the number of views. However, make sure that your YouTube videos are SEO friendly.

3.) Material Quality vs. Quantity:

This year Google shifted the attention of search engines towards content quality. This trend will still remain in 2020.

Quality vs Quantity of the Content
– With Material Quality vs Quantity

Undoubtedly, the amount of material you produce is still important. But one of the most important SEO techniques in 2020 is prioritizing quality more than ever. Although backlinks are important, Google is becoming more sophisticated to determine how good your website content is.

In 2020, website owners should pay special attention to on-page SEO. Overall, this means writing long-form content and not confusing the search engine or the consumer. This year sophisticated crawlers are paying particular attention to user-friendly URLs, optimization of images, and internal structure and linking.

4.) User Experience:

User Experience
– With User Experience

According to one study, 70% -80% of users ignore advertisements. It shows the benefits of ranking systematically rather than paying Google to pin your page to the top of search results. Not only do most users ignore sponsored search results; They are also more likely to distrust the brand that is the brand of advertising itself.

User-friendly websites can reduce bounce rates and lead you to higher rankings in SERPs. Always optimize your website with a heading tag, clear navigation menu and CTA to enhance the user experience. To improve the user experience when visiting your site, in particular, be sure to watch out for the following:

-Implement mobile-friendly design
-Increase your page speed
-Take advantage of your customer service
-Add social media links and icons to your site
-Do not add too many popups.

5.) Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Marketing
– With Influencer Marketing

In any business you are in, it is always important for you to have a voucher. Adding an influential person to your marketing campaign will bring positive results to your business and will help you to get a reliable and authoritative name.
To get started, look for influential people on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more. Almost everyone is using the platform. Hope you find the best!

6.) Content Concept(*CONTENT IS KING*):

Content is king
– With Content is king

You may have heard “Content is king” while researching SEO but the reality is not that simple. SEO is so much more than just creating quality content, link building, on-page optimization, or every other thing you will be listening to by now. There are many ways to create and publish content and not just limit it within a blog. While blogging may be one of the traditional ways of appearing on Google, there is a lot more to it in 2020. Here you can promote it by creating your content:

-A product page
-An official guide
-Click on step tutorial
-An infographic
-A Video

7.) Trust Available Tools:

Trust Available Tools
– With Trust Available Tools

If you own a business, then you should realize the importance of SEO. There are free and paid tools that help you to have a clear understanding of the performance of your website. Also, they let you analyze and fix errors, and even generate site reports.
Many tools perform various tasks to help increase your site’s SEO ranking. Responding to such tools is one of the efficient SEO techniques to manage and optimize your website. For example, if you want to track your rank, find keywords, keep an eye on your competitors, or explore any site or content, tools like Ahrefs come in handy.

8.) Use Social Media Ads:

Use Social Media Ads
– With Use Social Media Ads

Social media ads may seem like a trivial investment for some, but when it comes to driving valuable traffic towards your site, they are worth it. When it comes to SEO, every small count and using social media ads can be just what your website needs to complete.

With an understanding of your audience and various social media platforms, you will be able to create an advertising campaign that will take your site to the next level. The number of clicks you can get between different social media platforms, you should do careful research before running your ads.


This is such a competitive world! Every year, emerging SEO trends will arise, so don’t miss a thing. Continuously prioritize these SEO ways with content quality on your preference list, and you should have no trouble building your company’s visibility in search engines.
We hope you find this article helpful. If you have any comments, feel free to let us know in the comments section below. I want more useful articles on strengthening your online branding game, so why not check out some more of our articles?


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