3 Reasons To Choose WordPress When building Your Website

Reasons To Engage WordPress While Creating Your Website | WP99Themes.com

Reasons To Engage WordPress While Creating Your Website

Nowadays, with the Internet becoming greater and greater, more and more ways to build websites have become for you. This leads to puzzles such as: Where should I create own website? Weebly? Squarespace? Wix? WordPress?

 “WordPress powers more than 50% Percent of Websites”

The latest figures appear from W3Tech, a company that controls and scans the use of network technology. While related to other best Content Management Systems (CMS), the administration of WordPress is still more powerful.

Below Reasons Why to Create and Select WordPress – WP99Themes

[SEO] Search Engine Optimization becomes very manageable when you control WordPress for your websites. This site is reliable and necessary to acquire a little of SEO method but with some simple plugins so that you could get better results in almost none time.

WordPress is FREE and Open Source


STEP-1: WordPress Really FREE?

WordPress: It’s Open and Free Of Source. While it is 100% free to work. How is this achievable? Because WordPress is open-source of CMS Project that WordPress has a large community that develops it. The complete WordPress core is free to accept. The simple things that you require to spend for website domain and hosting, once you have those you can attach WordPress on your server with a single snap and get your website up quickly.
There is no purpose to spend for Squarespace, Weebly, Wix or any extra platform when you have WordPress. There is a reason why WordPress operates more than 50% of all the websites on the internet.

WordPress is FREE and Open Source
Recognizing that the number of entire active websites is assessed at over 172 million according to a survey published by Netcraft that suggests around 75,000,000 user websites are working WordPress enlightened now !!!

Step-2: Generate Different types of Website Ecommerce, Static, Dynamic Website

Do you need an e-commerce site? You can do it completely on WordPress. WordPress is notably adjustable and customization. There are over 54 thousand plugins that can support turn your website into anything that you could create and makes it remarkably easy to do and soon. Also, you can contact-us WP99Themes.com to design a website in Nepal.

Create Different types of Website Static Dynamic Ecommerce Website


Along with including plugins, there are more than thousands, and thousands of client built themes that are respectively tailored to the character of the site that you need. A lot of themes are free, but there are additional premium themes! Linking plugins with numerous themes, you can generate a mobile-friendly website for your business in just a few steps. You can’t do that on any additional platform.

Step-3: Themes+ Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes


Externally attaching any SEO plugins, WordPress is optimized for SEO best out of the case, and computing in a plug-in like Yoast or All in One SEO tools; you can improve your website’s business by creating SEO traffic. WordPress assists with security, speed, mobile-friendly, and different ideas that are essential in SEO and Google, without requiring any additional improvements.

Google reacts WordPress websites essentially because of all of the core points that obtain it comfortable for you to generate content swiftly and obtain it optimized in completely with zero experience.

Google is the most notable search engine site in the world, and Google likes WordPress, so if you require to have the most apparent to your website, you should take WordPress to create your site. If you understand the business, understand this feature about Google plus WordPress from someone who runs for Google.

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