Post Pagination – How to Break Multiple Pages toward WordPress Posts

In this post, we see how to break a long WordPress post page into shorter sections and continue auto-pagination by handling WordPress’s next page button including WordPress pagination plugins.

If you write long articles on blog posts, you may require to split the content into various pages to obtain it more comfortable for users to read plus navigate.

WordPress has a comprehensive, yet scarce-known about art that provides you to easily break long posts into smaller sections to assist make your content more flexible.

This Built-Inn WordPress “Page Break” feature also auto-paginates each split section of your post.

The aforementioned tutorial explicates you how to break a long WordPress post into multiple pages and how to become your site’s pagination amidst plugins.


In WordPress How To Manually Add Posts Pagination

Before we notice an aspect at a free plugin that will automatically divide your WordPress posts pagination into various parts, let’s swiftly know about how we can manually figure out post pagination to WordPress posts as and when the requirement appears.

From the blog post editor screen, decide the position in your article where you would want to divide the post. Then either press the Alt + Shift + P keys on your keyboard at the related time to use the keyboard shortcut, or access <!–next page–> in the Text view of the post editor.


You can include the page break as many terms as required in a separate post. Forthwith when you publish your post, your visitants can read each and every part of the blog post, before snapping through to the next section.

You or your users can soon also connect directly to the different parts of a paginated post. This can be created by either right-clicking on the proper pagination key and choosing the copy link selection, or attending that page and following the URL from the browser area.

Presently you can accept that URL to link immediately to a sub-section of a post.


If you want to assure that your posts and pages are regularly divided up and paginated, then you can activate the free Automatically Paginate Posts plugin. This plugin can be connected to your website immediately from the WordPress plugin list.

To do so, log within your site’s admin domain ( and then operate to Plugins > Add New working the sidebar menu.

From the Add Plugins cover, open ‘Automatically Paginate Posts’ in the exploration field and then install the first part noted in the results.


Once the plugin has continued connected and stimulated, the settings can be obtained from the Reading side, found under the Contexts menu on the admin sidebar.

While configuring the plugin, you can either decide to automatically divide all blog posts into position plenty of pages or set a number of data to include the page collapse. Even at utilizing the plugin, you can yet manually insert page breaks if required. Also, the meta box that the plugin continues to the post editor screen enables you to disable the automatic page defeating on an exclusive post data.


Pagination can be a manageable way to make your posts and pages more interesting. While you can manually split your content into multiple pages if you require a system to ensure that this occurs automatically, the free Automatically Paginate Posts plugin is a simple, but a powerful choice.

If you have any questions regarding this plugin or working with a WordPress website in general, please leave a comment below.





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