Increase your email list with our Spin2Win Interactive Optin Plugin

Let’s begin with the popular catchphrase. List is money!

Email list is a list of leads you have on your email marketing software. Once you have someone interested on your product on your list, you can email them with new product announcement, updates and promotional offers. Since you’ll be sending them an email about it, this is one of the best way to sell your product quickly. There are several ways to grow your list and pretty much everyone is doing it now. Most common way of building a list is Optin Popups and we’re seeing them in pretty much every single websites resulting it being less effective. This is where our new plugin Spin2Win comes into play.

Breaking away from standard Optin pop ups, our plugin provides an interactive wheel of fortune style widget which lets people to spin the wheel for a chance to win something. Used in an WooCommerce store, we’ve seen stores benefitting greatly by growing the list in bigger rate while also increasing the conversion rate on the store.

The plugin is easy to setup and comes into two different layout. First one is more like standard pop up with the spinner. Second one is a sidebar pop up. We have 5 different layouts available within the sidebar widget as well. The widgets are highly customizable. You can easily change colors, texts within it and the images.

You can add as many prizes as you want. Each prize on the wheel can be set different background and different text on them. The prizes can be set with weight so that certain prize will be won more frequently than the others.

The prizes will be provided in the form of coupons. The coupons can provide discount and in combination with other plugins can also provide other offers. For example, if you have a coupon plugin that can add free product to cart, you can offer a free product as prize as well.

The plugin can be triggered when people try to exit the website. The plugin seamlessly integrates with MailChimp, transferring the email addresses to specified list in MailChimp. There are some features we’re adding in the plugin. The plugin is available for free with limited options while additional features are available on the paid version.

Click Here To Download Free Version | Click Here To Download Paid Version

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