How To Fix Error When Establishing A Database Connection In WordPress

How To Fix Error When Establishing A Database Connection In WordPress –

Having an error on your WordPress site can be terrible if you don’t know what causes it or how to fix this error. Database connection installation error is one of the curses that can occur for several reasons. As WP99Themes, this can be quite disappointing, especially when it happens without changing anything on your web. We ran into this issue on our site yesterday. It took a few minutes to find and fix the problem. While researching to find out the possible reasons, we realized that there was not a good article that covered it. In this article, we will show you how to fix database connection installation error in WordPress listing all solutions in one place.

Note: But don’t worry, today we will discuss some common scenarios that are causing this error and some easy ways to get your site back up and running in a while.

  • What is the Error Establishing a Database Connection?
  • What is the Cause of this Error?
  • In what way to Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection?


What is the Error Establishing a Database Connection?

Probably, in short, you are getting this error because WordPress is unable to establish a database connection such as all information on your WordPress site (i.e; post data, page data, meta information, plugin settings, login information, etc.), are stored in your MySQL database. Only data that is not stored, such as media content such as pictures and your theme/plugin/core files such as index.php, wp-login.php, etc. To executes the PHP code on the webpage only possible when someone visits your websites. And questions the information from the database, which then displays the visitor in its browser.

In certain cases, if it is not working properly, you are left with an error while establishing the database connection message, as seen below. The entire page is empty because no data can be retrieved to render the page because the connection is not working properly. This not only breaks the front of your site, but it also prevents you from accessing your WordPress dashboard.

However, visitors cannot see this error on the front view right now. This is because your site is still serving from the cache until it is finished. For example, on WP99Themes, all WordPress sites are cached by default. Therefore, if a site is still serving from the cache, then it may appear fine to the visitor.

Error establishing a database connection in Chrome

If you have a site that doesn’t change very often, it can increase the performance of your site as it often isn’t meant to grab new files after the cache runs out. And in the above cases, in most cases, the view of the site (unless you have a script or part of your site to break the cache) will remain for a very long time.

When visitors try to access your site while this error is occurring it will generate 500 HTTP status codes in your log. This similar status code appears when an “internal server error” occurs. This essentially means that something went wrong on the server and the requested resource was not delivered. When everything is working suitably your site will generate a 200 HTTP status code, which means that everything is precise.

What is the Cause of this Error?

So why exactly does this happen? Common scenarios that lead to this possibility:

Well, below are some common reasons. And don’t worry, we’ll go into each of these in more depth so that you know how to fix them. Usually, you can resolve this error within 15 minutes.

  1. The most common problem is that your database login credentials are incorrect. Your WordPress site uses the separate login data to connect to its MySQL database.
  2. Your database is corrupt. With lots of moving parts with themes, plugins, and users, to remove and install them, sometimes databases get corrupted. This may be due to a missing or personally corrupted table, or perhaps some information was removed by accident.
  3. You may have corrupt files in your installation. This can sometimes be caused by hackers.
  4. Problems with your database server. Many things can go wrong at the end of a web host, such as the database being overloaded with a traffic spike or being unresponsive to too many concurrent connections. This is quite common with shared hosts because they are using the same resources for a lot of users on the same server.

In what way to Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection?

We always recommend backing up before you start troubleshooting the error. There are a lot of recommendations below for manipulating information in your database, so you don’t want to make things worse. You should always backup before trying to fix things on your WordPress site, whether you are tech-savvy or not.

You can use a popular WordPress backup plugin such as VaultPress or WP Time Capsule to back up both your files and your database.

There is an option to restore a backup for production or staging. Either you can manually backup your MySQL database using phpMyAdmin. Once you have a successful backup, it is time to start troubleshooting your database connection issues.

Check if your database login credential is correct

The first thing to do is to check that your database login credentials are correct. This is by far the most common reason why there is an error in establishing a database connection message. People turn to a new hosting provider once they are particularly right. The connection details for your WordPress site are stored in the wp-config.php file which is usually located at the root of your WordPress site.
It contains four important pieces of information that all must correct to successfully which makes a connection.

                     Database Name:

                    MySQL database username:

                    MySQL database password:

                    MySQL hostname (server):

To locate your wp-config.php file you can attach to your site via SFTP and scan to the root of your website browser. Either if you’re using cPanel, you can click “File Manager”, browse to the root of your site, and right-click to edit the file.

     – cPanel file manager

Here is an example of what a file looks like when it is opened.

wp-config.php credentials
with wp-config.php credentials

Now you need to check your current values on your server to make sure they are correct. Follow the instructions below for CPanel.

Check database credentials in c-Panel:

The first thing to check is the name of the database. To do this you have to login phpMyAdmin in cPanel under the database section.

cPanel phpMyAdmin
with cPanel phpMyAdmin

On the left side, you should see the name of your database below. You can ignore the “info_schema” database because it is something used by the host. You will next want to associate that name against the DB_NAME value in your wp-config.php file. If they match, this is not the problem. If they do not match, you will require to modernize your wp-config.php file.

cPanel database name
with cPanel database name

You can also verify that it has the correct database to ensure that it contains the URL of your WordPress site. To do this, simply click on the database, then click on the wp_options table (it may be named something different for security purposes, such as wpxx_options). At the top of the table, you’ll see the URL and name values for your site. If these match your current site, then you can be sure that you are in the right place.

Check site URL in phpMyAdmin
With Check site URL in phpMyAdmin

If your database name was already correct and you are still having an error setting up the database connection message, you might want to check your username and password as well. To create a new PHP document in the root directory of your WordPress plugin, and input the following code. You canister name it whatever you want, such as CheckDB.PHP. Just replace the values of db_user and db_password with those that are in your wp-config.php file.

Formerly browse the data on your WordPress site: If you get “MySQL Error: Access Denied”, then you know that your username or password is incorrect and you will have to continue the next level to reset your probability.

Access denied MySQL
Access denied MySQL

Following is the message that you need to see, “Database link is working properly.” But of course, if that were the case, you would not be here. After testing makes sure to delete/remove this file.

Database connection working properly
Database connection working properly

Accordingly, the further step that you need to reset your username and password. In cPanel, click on MySQL Databases under the Databases section.

cPanel MySQL databases
– cPanel MySQL databases


Scroll down plus create a brand-new MySQL user. Attempt and choose a different username and identification (i.e. PASSWORD) so that they can’t quickly be selected. The password dynamo device they provide great works. Next, click on “Create User”. And could alternatively change the password on this screen display for the current database user that already exists.

Create new MySQL user
–  Create new MySQL user

Again we scroll downward and additionally create our own new account for the database. Then after the new account will privilege to assign your user account and select “All Privileges”.

Add user to database in cPanel
– Add user to the database in cPanel

Next-Step, we take new credentials and modernize your wp-config.php data. You want to renew the values DB_USER and DB_PASSWORD. Then you can run the test file again before then. This should resolve your credential issuance. If not, it could be that you have the wrong hostname as of now (DB_HOST). Any host has used different values, some to see a list of common DB-host conditions. Usually, this command is localhost only. Although you can stand up to your hosting provider or check their documentation if you are not sure. Some control also uses instead of localhost.

If you have seen everything above and are still receiving an error establishing a database connection message, then proceed to the next troubleshooting steps below.


2.) Fixing Corrupt Database:

Fixing the database could be that your database has become corrupt. This can infrequently happen (although not very often) as pay hundreds of tables are regularly added or eliminated by new plugins and themes. If you decide to log-in to your WordPress site’s on the dashboard and are receiving the following mistake, it means your database is misleading: “One or more database tables are inaccessible. The database may need to be improved”. It is important to note that your strength only sees this error on the back-end side, whereas you see the error establishing a database connection information on the frontend page.

WordPress has a database replacement mode in which you can rise. Simply add the following database to the bottom of your wp-config.php file.


WordPress repair mode, Fixing Corrupt Database
   – With WordPress repair mode

Then browse to the ensuing location on your WordPress site: []. You will then have the choice to improve the database or replacement and optimize the database. Since you are probably troubleshooting an interruption on your site at the time, we suggest going with the repair database choice as it is more active.

WordPress repair database
–  With WordPress repair database


Next to running the replacement of the database beyond, ensure that you remove the line of code that you affixed to your wp-config.php file, otherwise, anyone could run the patch. If you are running to CPanel that you can also run a repair from within the MySQL database screen.

cPanel repair database
 – With cPanel repair database

Either you could run an improvement from within phpMyAdmin address. Simply log-in to phpMyAdmin, tick on your database and select all the tables. Then from the dropdown to click on “Repair table”. This is essentially just running to the REPAIR TABLE command.

Repair tables in phpMyAdmin
     – With Repair tables in phpMyAdmin


And subsequently, your other choice would be to run the repair using WP-CLI with the subsequent command:

And subsequently, your other choice would be to run the repair using WP-CLI with the subsequent command:

3.) Fixing Corrupt Files:

The next possible reason you might be viewing the error installing in the database connection report is that your folders have become evil. Whether this introduced from an issue with shifting files via- FTP, a hacker getting access to your site or a query with your host, you can quickly fix this. Though, again we suggest that taking a backup of your site before trying this fixing.
Now, you are going to renew the core version of WordPress on your site. You aren’t reaching your plugins, themes, or media, just the WordPress installation itself. To do this, you will want to download a new copy of WordPress from

Download WordPress
  – With Download WordPress


Open this folder on your network. Within, you will require to delete the wp-content folder, as quite as the wp-config [sample.php] file.

_ with wp-config [sample.php] file.
_ with delete wp-config [sample.php] file.

When uploading the waiting registers via SFTP to your website, overwriting your existing folders. This will restore all the problematic files and ensure you have fresh ones that are clean and not damaged. It will be suggested to clear your browser cache files after doing this. Then check your WordPress section to see if the error still exists or not.

4.) Issues With Your Database Server:

If the emptiness above has helped to fix your problem, then we highly suggest reviewing with your hosting provider as it could be an issue with your database server. For example, if there are too many simultaneous connections to your database at once, it could generate an error. This is due to a lot of hosting sites have limits on their servers on how many connections are allowed at once. Appropriating a caching plugin can help decrease the database communications on your site.

This problem can happen to a lot of shared hosts as someone else could theoretically be affecting your site. This is because shared hosting sites appropriate all the same support on servers.

The Conclusion:

As you can see there are quite a few ways to fix the error establishing a database link in WordPress. The most common being invalid credentials in the wp-config.php folder. Monitoring to ensure those are correct is the best place to start. The last thing you want for a website is to experience downtime. So hopefully one of the steps above helped you get your site back up and running. Remember, you can always replace your site from a backup if required.



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