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        Smart and Interesting Keyword Research

5 Smart, Interesting Keyword Research Methods For eCommerce Stores
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Do you run and store an eCommerce website?

Do you aim to run a successful eCommerce marketing campaign?

If your answer to the above questions is confirmed, then this article may be just what you are looking at doing all this.

Every marketing campaign starts with a keyword. You may wonder why keyword research is so important. Keyword research is necessary as it affects your marketing efforts.

5 Smart, Interesting Keyword Research Methods For eCommerce Stores

Why keyword research is an important part of your E-Commerce store?

  • We live in a digital world where the Internet is the most important and popular medium to reach your audience.

                       “World’s Internet Users”

To further replicate the Internet’s reach, the total number of people purchasing products online through eCommerce has reached 7.676 billion-mark (56% penetration of the global population).

5 Smart, Interesting Keyword Research Methods For eCommerce Stores


The data translates to the fact that you can reach about one-quarter of the world’s online shoppers. You just need to figure out how to distribute your content to them.

There is a misconception among many online retailers that keyword research is about SEO. Although true, keyword research is the foundation of every digital marketing practice. Period.).

If you do not search for relevant keywords for your site and campaigns, you cannot drive targeted traffic and ROI. I hear from most store owners that keyword research is boring. It can be, but to change it and make it more interesting, you need to think like a customer.

If you do not want to do this yourself, you can always enlist the help of SEO consultants or SEO agencies. The best advice I could give was; It is better that they do keyword research for you and make an action plan for you. That way, you won’t have to pay retainer fees and this kind of planning will ensure that your in-house team is obliged to do some work.

Okay, back to DIY keyword research ideas for your e-commerce store. (Later, many entrepreneurs prefer to do things themselves).

Best & Interesting, Modern Keyword Research For Ecommerce

In this topic, I will present 5 modern and smart keyword research methods that can help you find “hidden” keywords. These alternative methods are not yet so common and will help you tap unexpected profitable keywords.

1. Udemy Is a Great Place to Find Keywords

1.) Udemy:

Udemy Is a Great Place to Find Keywords

Udemy is an online course platform that can help you generate some keyword ideas. Here, courses are created by experts in a niche and each course copy serves as a rich sales page to uncover hidden keywords.

wonder how?

Let’s go step by step

Create a free account and choose the most relevant category from the drop-down menu. To filter your results, you can also choose a subcategory. If you have a “pet food and care” store, for example, you go to Lifestyle> Pet Care and Training> All Pet Care and Training.

The most important thing here is the additional filtering options. The option “Level” allows you to select courses for beginners or experts.

Udemy, wp99themes

You open a top course, and you will get keyword ideas in the course “details” section. Here is the first course I chose:

Udemy, wp99themes

The course explanation is a great place to collects keyword ideas. Once you are completed with the explanation, scroll down to “Syllabus” and produce dozens of quality keyword concepts.

udemy, explain, wp99themes

You do not have to copy these words as soon as you appear. Tweak them to make it relevant to your eCommerce site.

2.) Quora:

Quora is one of the most effective ways to find user-intended keywords. These real people ask questions and write answers. I believe that the best key phrases come from users and readers.

First, enter your main niche in the search box. Choose a relevant topic that has a large following.

Quora, Wp99themes

When you click on the topic “Fashion and Style of Women” (1M Followers), you will find many other related topics. You can generate some keywords from here:

quora, wp99themes

You will see new and old questions on this page. Go through the number of questions, and you will get the right amount of keywords.

3.) SEMrush:

I think it is okay to do some organic spying to make your eCommerce store a success. There are some tools available to do this, but SEMrush is my favorite tool to find keyword ideas. Let’s see how to do it.

Login to your SEMrush account and enter your competitor’s URL in the search box.

SEMrush , wp99themes

Now select “Organic Research” from the sidebar.

SEMrush, wp99themes

Once you do this, you will get the keywords for which this site ranks. Did you say eureka?

Need more? Just click the “Contestant” button.

This great tool will show you the same site as your query. You can repeat the above process with these competitors to find more keywords.

Now select “Keyword Magic Tool” under Keyword Analytics from the menu on the left, and enter your product keyword in the search box.

When you search for your main keywords ideas, you will find many long-tailed keywords with a specific collect volume. Listed below:

When you filter by “store” and scroll below the listing, you can locate more long-tailed keywords for your result pages.

4.) Amazon:

What comes to your mind when; say the word “eCommerce”? I bet it Amazon, isn’t it?

Amazon is the largest eCommerce site. When people want to purchase something they start their search on Amazon site. So it can be a gold mine to find keywords related to the product.

Let’s see how you can do it

Merely go to the Amazon website and enter your product keyword in the search bar. Amazon suggests what people are looking for, and it can help you get targeted long-tail keywords.

To grab it a step by step further, click on “Department> Full Store Directory”.

You will land on all Amazon categories and subcategories. Suppose you have a pet food store, so you click on the “Pet Supplies” sub-category.

Here, select the option of “Cats” and select the “Food” option from the table.

You will find keywords that Amazon uses for the category of cat food. You may consider these codewords to select for your cat food option.

You will find products that are comparable to your goods. Open the product page and take an in-bottom look at the title and description as you can also find some long-tailed keywords here.

Now it’s time to go to my favorite keyword research method.

5.) Wiki-Pedia:

The thing I love about Wikipedia is that they organize their articles and information structurally. Questioning how you can use Wikipedia for your eCommerce keyword research? Let me clarify

Go to Wikipedia site and type in your topic/subject keyword or type in the search bar.

The “Content” portion will give you some keyword thoughts:


You can furthermore click on internal links to find more specific keywords. Then, we have a link to ‘dog food’.

When you click on that link, you will find more targeted keywords related to “dog food”, as you can see in the screenshot below.


Conclusion:  Keyword research for an e-commerce website.

I hope this article has helped you understand that keyword research is a lot more than typing a keyword in Google Keyword Planner and downloading the resulting spreadsheet. This requires time and effort.

Before starting keyword research for your e-commerce website, you should define your goals:


  • Find intent keywords that your target customers often use to search for products.
  • Understand the search volume of your targeted keywords.
  • Gather long-tail keywords, commercial and informational keywords.
  • Take a look at your competitor’s website and understand how they place their keywords in the content.
  • Related keyword words to create blog posts and articles.


Gather all your keywords in Google Sheets to make the best feasible choice. Now it’s time to keep these keywords and optimize your store.

Maximize the structure of your e-commerce website, put your primary keywords in the product title and description to improve conversions and optimize category pages.

One important thing, search engine algorithms and customer behavior (search terms) change over time, so make sure you keep your keywords up to date and relevant. What you should focus on when optimizing your pages for target keywords is the most important.

Do you have any other keyword research methods? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


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